I am a Research Fellow at Microsoft Research India, where I work with Dr. Sreangsu Acharyya and Dr. Venkata Padmanabhan. My primary areas of interests are applied machine learning and computer vision. Most of my past work revolves around augmenting intelligent systems with deep learning algorithms, scaling ML eco-systems to production grade and designing solutions for vision problems.

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PES University, Bengaluru
B.Tech in Computer Science with Honors, CGPA - 9.58/10.0
Advised by Dr. Mamatha HR for our work on "Cross-lingual summarization for Kannada-English language pair"
thesis presentation degree

Microsoft Research
  • Research Fellow July 2021 - Present
  • Research Intern Jan 2020 - June 2020
Advisors: Dr. Sreangsu Acharyya, Dr. Venkata Padmanabhan and Gopal Srinivasa.
  • Software Engineer July 2020 - June 2021
Reportees: Jeelan Poola and Sriram Melkote.
Samsung R&D Institute India
  • Student Trainee June 2019 - July 2019
Reportees: Basavaraja SV and Lokesh Boregowda.
Mindstix Software Labs
  • Data Scientist - Intern June 2019 - July 2019
Reportees: Kanad Dixit and Ishwar Sawale.
Academic Assistantships
Dept of CSE, PES University
  • Teaching Assistant, Course - Deep Learning Aug 2019 - Dec 2019
Supervisior: Dr. Mamatha HR.
Center for Pattern Recognition & Machine Intelligence
  • Research Assistant Nov 2018 - June 2019
Supervisior: Prof. Vinay A.
Microsoft Innovation Labs, PES University
  • Summer Intern June 2017 - July 2017
Supervisior: Dr. Venkatarangan MJ.
  Google Scholar|   Research Gate

Exploration of Cross-lingual Summarization for Kannada-English Language Pair
Vinayaka R Kamath, Rachana Aithal K R, Vennela K and Dr.Mamatha HR
pdf presentation

Sketch To Image using CNNs and GANs
A Vinay, Aditya Lokesh, Vinayaka R Kamath, K N B Murthy and S Natrajan
doi abstract

Sparse Locally Adaptive Regression Kernel For Face Verification
A. Vinay, Vinayaka R Kamath, Varun M, K N Balasubramanya Murthy and S Natarajan
Procedia Computer Science
doi pdf

Aggregation of LARK Vectors for Facial Image Classification
A. Vinay, Vinayaka R Kamath, Varun M., Nidheesh, Natarajan S. and Murthy K.N.B.

Analysis of Stock Market Fluctuations Incidental to Internet Trends
Vinayaka R Kamath, Nikhil V Revankar and Gowri Srinivasa
Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
doi pdf

Facial Analysis using Jacobians and Gradient Boosting
A Vinay, Abhijay Gupta, Aprameya Bharadwaj , Arvind Srinivasan , K N B Murthy, Vinayaka R Kamath and S Natarajan
doi pdf

Analysis of Facial Image by Gradient Boosting Locally Extracted Features
A. Vinay, Vinayaka R Kamath, Yashvanth Kumar Guntupalli, K N B Murthy and S Natarajan
doi pdf

Facial Image Indexing using Locally Extracted Sparse Vectors
Vinayaka R Kamath, Varun M and Aswath
Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering
doi pdf

Reviewer   AISTATS-2023   AISTATS-2022   ECML PKDD-2022   Machine Vision and Applications(MVAP), Springer
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MVAP, Springer
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